Hand puppets

25 inches

The Living Puppets ® in the size of 25 inches are especially easy for children and adults to operate, and easily come to life!  The player, whether a child or an adult, inserts one hand through the opening in the back of the puppet’s head. By using the moveable mouth it becomes really easy to create a number of funny facial expressions or mimic a conversation. With the other hand, the player operates one hand of the puppet (through the sleeve, using the puppet’s hand as a glove). Of course, one can also play with both hands inside the arms and hands of the puppets to pick up things, clap, wave, or hug.

Therapists, educators, parents and most important, all of the children. They impress with their lifelike appearance and are not to think away from the children’s rooms

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20 inches

The Living Puppets of 20 inches work like the 25 inches large puppets and offer the perfect combination of playability for children and adult’s hands. Because of their medium size, they are very light and ideal cuddle friends, even for small children.

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14 inches

The Living Puppets of 14 inches are ideal for small hands and work like the large 25 inches hand puppets. Small and cuddly they fit in your bag to any occasion.

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