The Quasselwürmer ® are simple and ingenious. Through the glove principle they are very easy to manipulate
and  quickly brought to life. Their funny appearance allows the player a lot of freedom. There is no way to be angry with them.

Miss Blabbermouth W252

Miss Schnatterschnute, also known as Miss Blabbermouth,
is a chatterbox and her braids move with each word.
Size 15”.

Fräulein Schnatterschnute W252

Mampfred the rabbit W446

Mampfred is a funny bunny, always
ready for a chat. Playable mouth.
Size 15”.

Hase Mampfred W446

Tassilo the dog W415

No one can resist the puppy dog eyes
of this sweetie with two colored ears.
Playable mouth. Size 14”.

Hund Tassilo W415

Bille the mouse W414

The grey female mouse with pink ears is in love
with Mampfred, but she‘s too shy to tell him.
Playable mouth. Size 14”.

Maus Bille W414