The success story of the Living Puppets® brand began in Germany in 2000 and has been growing ever since. The design of the Living Puppets® products originates in Hamburg Germany. Many different hand puppets since belong to the Living Puppets® family, and your favorite puppets are available all over the world!

Due to the vast interest expressed by American puppet fans, we now bring Living Puppets to the USA. To supply the very good Toy Stores, we decided to start up Living Puppets USA, LLC, which has Living Puppets produced for and delivered to the US market. This way we want to guarantee the best services to you and our team strives to repeatedly develop and bring you new and fantastic products.

The Living Puppets® product design originates in Hamburg, Germany. Our team strives to repeatedly develop new and fantastic products for you.

The simple playability, the originality of the separate characters, the affectionate workmanship and the best material were, and still are today, the prerequisite throughout the years for the success of Living Puppets®. The high degree of educational play value and the safety of the puppets in accordance with ASTM F963 and EN 71 furthermore emphasize the quality of our products. Of course, all Living Puppets® products are scrutinized by an independent testing institute.

Living Puppets® accompany the most beautiful times of our children – and they bring comfort, protection and a daily sense of safety.

We are happy to be a part of your life!
You can obtain the Living Puppets® in well-assorted toy stores or order the puppets through them.
But if your toy store does not carry Living Puppets® and cannot order them, please contact us.